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500BCE - 1300CE 1300CE - present

1. The Persian Empire
   A Discussion on How to Stay in Power

2. The Hellenistic Era

3. The Rise of Christianity

4. The Triumph of Christianity

5. The Byzantine Empire: 400- 650

6. Islam and the Arab Caliphate
   Comparative Religion

7. Divisions within Islam & the Caliphate

8. The Arab Golden Age

9. The Byzantine Empire: 650-860

10. Glory Outside - Rot Inside (860- 1054)

11. Turks and Byzantine Decline

12. Crusaders and Mongols

Handouts for OLLI* Workshop - Fall

13. The Birth of the Ottoman Empire

14. The Rise of the Ottoman Empire

15. The Ottoman Empire at its Peak

16. The Seeds of Decline

17. The Start of the Decline

18. Stagnation in the Ottoman Empire

19. The 19th Century

20. The End of the Ottoman Empire

21. Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans

22. The Present

Summary of Chapters 18-20




Handouts for OLLI* Workshop - Spring
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*OLLI refers to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Stony Brook University.

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