Chronicle of Kermira (in Greek)
Sofia Kottou

Abstract (by T. P.): A fascinating chronicle of several families from Kermira and their branches in other cities of Asia Minor and Western Europe. It describes the strong drive of these people to get ahead in business and culture. The chronicle also includes a long section on the events of the Greek-Turkish war of 1919-22 and the subsequent "population exchange" as viewed by the Christians of Cappadocia. [abstract to be expanded]

Table of Contents (in Greek) - August 2013 version Clicking on this link dowloads a DOCX file. You must open it with Microsoft Word and then read it. To access the links in that file you need to click the mouse while pressing the CTRL button. Sorry about that, but I had trouble generating an HTML file from the DOCX.

Table of Contents (in Greek) with links to PDF sections (Dec. 2, 2012)

Older PDF document (version of September 2012)

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