ITS102.23: Human versus Machine Intelligence
Spring 2013

Freshman seminar at Stony Brook University.

Course Syllabus (PDF)

Slides of Part A (PDF): Introduction and the Enigma story

Slides of Part B (PDF) : How to Tell a Human apart from a Computer - CAPTCHA

Slides of Part C (PDF) : How Can We Enable Machines to Read - Barcodes

Slides of Part D (PDF): Finding what People Like Tutorial on Collaborative Filtering from Carnegie Mellon University. (9 Mbytes Power Point file)

Slides of Part E (PDF): Blocking Ads

Slides of Part F (PDF): Machine Vision

(No Parts G, H, I)

Slides of Part J (PDF): Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)

Slides of Part JX (PDF): How Human Visual Perception Works

Slides of Part K (PDF): When and How we can do Image Retrieval

Slides of Part L (PDF): Image similarity


Tutorials A collection of tutorials on the topics of this course and several other topics as well.

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