Who We Are

We are a private duplicate bridge group consisting mostly (but not only) of people who used to play in the Advanced workshop of OLLI. We expect participants to be familiar with most of the major conventions such as:

Stayman -- Jacoby Transfers -- Jacoby 2 NT over a major -- New Minor Forcing -- 4th suit forcing -- Weak 2’s ( preempts) ( plus 2NT features ask) -- 1NT Forcing/two over one -- Michael's Cue Bid -- Unusual 2 NT -- Balancing seat bids -- Strong openings ( 2 clubs) -- Blackwood or Roman Key -- Gerber -- Splinter Bids -- Takeout doubles, negative doubles, power doubles -- Support doubles --Reverses and jump shifts -- Cue bids of opponents suit.

Because of limits in our facilities we do accept new members unless they come as a partner of a current member.

Schedule: Our time slot is Monday 12-4, planning to start playing at 12:30 pm and finishing by 3:30 pm. We expect to play every Monday of the year, unless it is explicitly canceled (conflict with holidays, weather, etc).

Fees (as of September 2018): There is a $4 fee each time a person plays that pays for the use of the premises. In addition there is a $6 charge the first time a person plays that goes toward covering the cost of the equipment.

Contact:   Your message will be forwarded to the right person.

For the Curious and the Brave: All the Rules and Regulations of Duplicate Bridge you might wish to know: Links to Official Sites

Updated on November 7, 2018.