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A. Links to Items on this Site that May Be of Interest to Jews

A1. Essays by T. P. on History, Politics, and/or Culture

A1.1. Material originated from my activities at Temple Isaiah, Stony Brook

A1.2. Other Essays

A2. Articles by Dr. MIchael Matsas

A3. Articles by Other Contributors

  • How a NYCPD detective helped in Israel's War of Independence - From a memoir by Dorothy Schiff Shannon (May 2010)
  • The 1917 Salonica Fire. An excellent article by Marcia Haddad-Ikonomopolus and Bob Bedford. The article was originally published in the English edition of the National Herald (an online Greek newspaper) in August of 2012, hence the mention of 95the anniversary. This year is actually the 100th anniversary. (September 2017)

A4. Parts of an article on Gaza by Haim Harari(Posted 2/1/09)

See also the Book Reviews and a List of Books.

B. Pictures From Israel

Hiking on the Golan Heights (Power Point File, posted Sept. 1, 2007)

C. Links to Other Sites That Focus on Judaism

Wikipedia Entry on Jews

Judaism 101: Frequently Asked Questions about Jews

Ceremonies for Jewish Living

The Only Romaniote Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere Kehila Kadosh Janina (KKJ)

American Sephardi Federation

The Arson of the Hania Synagogue: January 2010

College Resources for Jewish Students

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