Mordecai Frizis and the Red Army

by Michael Matsas (edited by T. Pavlidis)

In January 1919 two two divisions of the Greek army were sent to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks as part of an allied effort (Ukraine expedition). They were quickly defeated and left Ukraine in less than three months. In the meantime the following episode happened.

At one point a Greek army unit led by the young officer Mordecai Frizis was captured by the Bolsheviks who usually executed such prisoners. Their captors were waiting for their commander to arrive and decide the fate of the prisoners. Suddenly Frizis was face to face with a ferocious looking Russian officer. Frizis, terrifed, did instictively what an ordinary Greek Jew would do under similar circumstances. He said, or rather whispered "Shemah Yisrael". To his surprise the Russian responded "Adonai Elohenu - Adonai Ehad" and ordered: "Take your men and leave immediately".

Later Frizis rose to the rank of colonel in the Greek army and died a hero's death in the Albanian front in 1940. Before his death, he told the story to Dr. Errico Levi (who was serving as a medical officer). Dr. Levi later told the story to Dr. Michael Matsas.

(Posted April 2008)

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