Software Written by T.P.

Warning: Most this work is over 10 year old and it is not maintained.

ALBIMAGIC: One more program for posting picture albums on the web
It has several features absent in other free programs of this kind. - First posted April 2005. It has been stable since early July 2005. A version posted in October 2005 contained minor bug fixes and a feature to deal with over-aggressive advertisement filters (see next item). A new implementation using the CImage class of MFC was posted in January 2006. The latest version (with minor improvements) was posted in August 2008.

Tools are for creating an XML database with family data and for constructing family trees from such data. It does not include software for finding family information. (Posted April 2006.)

PACK4PNG: Lossy compression pre-processor for lossless PNG or GIF encoding
DLL library available (First posted in October 2002. Latest version posted in February 2003.)

PED: A Drawing Program for Creating Scientific Illustrations
This is a partial re-creation of the Bell Labs program ped in the Microsoft Windows environment. It provides facilities for drawing that are absent from most reasonably priced programs. It allows the user to save results as a Microsoft metafile so that they can be imported into other programs such as PhotoDraw. (First posted in April 2002. Latest version posted in October 2002.)

ROBOBRIDGE TEACHER: A Program Illustrating Bridge Auctions for Beginners
The program is under development and the posting is intended for friendly users only. (September 2012.)

A trivial program (calculator for finding the years that have the same calendar) used to describe the power of Visual C++.



NOTE: There used to be a list of Game Programs, but it was removed in March, 2018 because most of the material was obsolete. It was based on my teaching on the topic in SBU and some further development after I retired in 2001. The most recent entry was made in April 2007. For computer technology that is really ancient!