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This is a collection of links to material derived from teaching at Stony Brook University after my retirement. It is not well organized yet, I hope to improve that in the not so distant future. There is a wide range of levels: some of the materials is from lectures to freshmen, other from lectures to graduate students.


CAPTCHA: What is behind the "strange" text that many web sites ask you to read before you can register an account. (Version of March 2008.)

CHAOS: Under construction (October 2009)

EDGE DETECTION: Mainly examples illustrating how hard is for a computer to find object outlines in an image.

FACE RECOGNITION: The Impossible Dream Or "why the security cameras caught me, but not bin-Ladden".

PATTERN RECOGNITION and FEATURES: Converting pictures into numbers, the first step in pattern recognition.

LOSSY IMAGE COMPRESSION: Sketchy notes from an old seminar (Fall 2003).

THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND BAR CODES: Material for an OLLI workshop, June 2011


Talks on the Difference between Human and Computer Intelligence

THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND BARCODES: 2006 Seminar abstract with link to zipped slides